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Ristorantino Da Fabio: Amazing Food and Service Just Outside Lecce

Living in Lecce, I’m always on the hunt for amazing dining spots perfect for foodies like myself. My newest find? Ristorantino Da Fabio in the nearby town of Zollino, in the heart of Grecia Salentina. This cozy little place offers simple and authentic dishes, serving the real taste of Salento. The restaurant is a small…

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Monopoli, Puglia: The Complete Guide to the Best Things to Do in A Day

Monopoli might not grab as much attention as its renowned neighbor, Polignano a Mare, but personally, I find it even more charming in many respects. That’s not to downplay Polignano—it has seriously breathtaking views and is definitely a must-see! However, I’m here to make sure you don’t just breeze past Monopoli—it’s even a perfect base…

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Top 5 reasons to explore Vieste and Foresta Umbra in the Heart of Gargano, Puglia

Vieste, Foresta Umbra and the rest of Gargano region are frequently missed by tourists visiting Puglia, Italy, and it’s really a shame. The logistics here might be a bit tricky, and it’s not the most visited area in Puglia—that title probably goes to Salento, with its Baroque city of Lecce (I live there, btw 😉)…

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Discovering L’Orecchietta – A Journey Through Great Food and Friendly People of Salento

In my journeys in Salento, Puglia, I always try to find unique, local, family-run places to enjoy great traditional food. L’Orecchietta is one of these rare finds.  The entire family works there and has played a key role in growing the business to where it is today. And when I refer to it as a…

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Discover Isole Tremiti: An Expert Travel Guide to Puglia’s Secret Islands

The Tremiti Islands always struck me as a bit of a mystery. None of my friends around Puglia, except the ones from Gargano, have ever been there, even though they all agree it sounds amazing. And here’s the thing—if these islands are that awesome, why haven’t they made it into the Puglia’s popular travel circuits?…

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Discover The Best Beaches In Salento, Puglia: A Guide To Unforgettable Ionian Shores

Figuring out how to make the most of your days in Salento, Puglia, or which beach to pick can be a tough call. Adriatic Coast or Ionian Coast, or maybe a taste of both? No worries, I’m here to help you! Let me share my top spots on both sides of Italy’s boot heel to…

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Discover the Best Beaches in Salento, Puglia: A Guide to Unforgettable Adriatic Shores

Writing about Puglia’s beaches, especially those stunning spots along Salento’s Adriatic coast, turned out to be tougher than I thought. How do you pick favorites when every corner of this place is packed with breathtaking beauty? So many beaches with crystal-clear waters – it’s really hard to pick just a few! So, think of this…

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Discover Alberobello’s Best Trulli Hotels: An Insider’s Ultimate Guide

In my Alberobello guide, I hint that staying longer in the town is a flexible option. However, the real magic happens once the tour buses head out. That’s usually after 6 pm, give or take, depending on the time of year. When the crowds thin, Alberobello transforms. It becomes quieter, but there’s this enchanting atmosphere…

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Best Places to Stay in Polignano a Mare – Discover the Perfect Accommodations

Have you ever dreamt of waking up to the calming sound of waves in an absolutely gorgeous Italian coastal town, where the charm of the old world meets the breathtaking beauty of the Adriatic? Well, welcome to Polignano a Mare, a stunning destination where you get a whole lot more than just your usual scenic…

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